Businesses We Serve

Mom & Pop Businesses

We got your back

Your business can be your life. We are here to make sure you can re-open and stay open! After all, our angels got your back. 

Disinfecting your business frequently helps keep your customers safer.

Daycare Centers

Healthy kids

This is where our kids spend a big part of the day, so it's only natural that we want to create a safe environment for them, the teachers, and staff. Keeping these environments as germ free as possible promotes a healthier Florida.


Work better

We are here to support other nonprofits in their efforts to stay open and carry on with their important work. Let us show we care by frequently disinfecting your workspaces so your nonprofit can safely continue helping our local communities.

Locally Owned Family Restaurants

A safe meal

Everyone is eager to socialize and dine-in again. We can help make both your customers' and staff's experience a safe one. Frequent disinfection protocols are key for the hospitality industry.

Youth Centers

Having fun must be safe again

Youth centers form an integral part of our society. Let's give our communities a break and make sure we create a safe environment for personnel and young people to enjoy leisure activities.

Places of Worship

Safer gatherings

Places of Worship oftentimes attract large crowds which can make social distancing difficult, if not downright impossible. Frequent disinfections help mitigate risks and reduce the spreading of germs and other pathogens.